About Me

For the past 28 years, I've worked in the creative industry, having been involved with some of the worlds top brands and companies such as Northrup Grumman, Boeing, United Airlines, Keurig, Wrigley, NASA, Edelman, and many others. For 17 of those years, I ran my own creative agency partnering with clients for B2B branding creating corporate and broadcast videos, web development, animations, photography and even augmented reality.

I was an early adopter of 3D animation in the early 1990s, hosting workshops and giving lectures since 1995. In 1996, my first book was published, and I've gone on to publish 16 more covering 3D applications, digital imaging, Photoshop, and photography. Along the way, I wrote for various trade magazines such as 3D Design, MacWorld, and also served as Editor-in-Chief for Keyframe / HDRI 3D magazine for two years.

Speaking of photography - I've been photographing since the age of 13. My early years of shooting film and working in the darkroom were key to guiding my career by providing a foundation of balance, rooted in details and timing. I'm a certified professional photographer, a designation held by just 3% of photographers in the United States. My work has been published in Rangefinder magazine, One Life Annual, and Professional Photographer Magazine. All of the photography you see on this site came from my camera.

I've worked closely with software tools my entire career, from alpha and beta releases to final product, and have had a front seat to the transition of local, expensive yearly licenses to cloud-based SaaS software as well as the ever-growing subscription model. Companies interact with customers so much differently with this model - it truly has changed the way the world works, myself included.

As part of my career, I've been deeply involved in teaching creative, from software, to photoshop, digital techniques, creative design and brand building. I've lectured to corporations and agencies such as NASA JPL, Hallmark Cards, Dell Computer, Reebok, APCO Worldwide, Abbott Laboratories, and others. Added, each year I lead a workshop at the University of Notre Dame on 3D imaging for their digital visualization lab. Often, this training has led its way to the web, in the form of online courses with Lynda.com and others.

Beyond the studio, I worked as Director of Production for Jim Beam Brands, leading the creative production used for social media and events, established system processes, and built a content management platform - for both U.S. and EMEA creative teams. I briefly led the studio photography team at Sears Holdings before moving on to Anthem, Inc., a leading fortune 30, health benefits company dedicated to improving lives and communities, and making healthcare simpler. As the Creative Director for Brand Strategy and Management, working with teams across the U.S. and internationally, I lead visual identity and governance of the brand, guidelines and standards, oversee agency relationships, lead artists and designers and own the online Brand Center while helping build brand consistency, providing enterprise-wide guidance for Anthem's 40+ brands.